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Netsuite Integration to Amazon Vendor

Netsuite Integration to Amazon Vendor

Netsuite is one of the most prominent ERP systems in the market and a very common integration partner of ours. Every NetSuite account is very different, and the wide range of connectivity using the SuiteQL functionality of Netsuite allows us to match the KhooCommerce system to each and every instance of NetSuite we come across. 

We understand that every NetSuite instance is unique, and we work with you to make sure that all the custom fields are lined up correctly. 

Below is an example of a NetSuite user based in the US who wanted to integrate Amazon Vendor into their workflow.

A USA manufacturer and distributor of pet products and food approached KhooCommerce to help with their orders and shipments to Amazon Vendor. 

They use Oracle Netsuite as their main ERP, and previously used TrueCommerce to manage their EDI connections. This connection still required them to manually make ASNs (EDI 856s) as well as routing requests.  


"Our team was struggling with creating Amazon carton labels for all our orders as it was a timely and tedious process that took up our resources on a weekly basis."

- Amazon Account Manager

Amazon Vendor Connection through KhooCommerce to Netsuite

Switched from TrueCommerce

The company was using TrueCommerce to connect to Netsuite, but found that they were still spending lots of time manually processing orders and making shipments. 

Specifically these messages were instrumental to making their process faster:

  • EDI 753 (Routing Request)
  • EDI 754 (Routing Instructions)
  • EDI 856 (ASN)


The ability to print the labels upfront for ASN shipments also really helped their process. This means that the warehouse can prepare the shipment before the routing instructions are sent back. If there is an adjustment then these can be made after the routing instructions, but generally speaking these are the exception to the rule. 


"When we need to short an item due to an out of stock, Khoo will speak to both systems to adjust the item quantity accepted, removing steps in the process we once manually did."

Amazon Account Manager

"We love how the system seamlessly syncs with our NetSuite and Vendor Central account to make managing orders in both platforms easy"

Amazon Account Manager

Amazon -> Netsuite Made Easy

NetSuite is a very bespoke ERP system with many custom fields, custom forms and unique configurations. Therefore making sure that the connection between the two is reliable is very important. 

We take the time to make sure your NetSuite fields are lined up correctly, and that orders flow in the correct format. This will mean you no longer have to manually enter data to create orders, as well as the information flowing smoothly back once the order is confirmed.

If you use NetSuite and would like to get Amazon Vendor connected into your business, send us a message and we'll be in touch to get you setup!  


"The Khoo team was also very kind, easy to work with, and very responsive to any and all questions!"

Amazon Account Manager