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Fully Integrated EDI connection to Amazon Vendor for any ERP

Synchronise your Data

Are you looking to integrate Amazon Vendor to Netsuite, SAP, Dear Systems or another ERP? KhooCommerce can connect to these systems and synchronise with your wider business for stock, allocation, picking and invoicing. 

Import your stock levels via API calls or routine updates with powerful automations. Relax in the knowledge that your inventory allocated Amazon is automatically imported into your ERP and you are accepting as much as possible. 

Many ERP systems don't have native connections to Amazon Vendor - we are here to help get you connected, automated and streamlined no matter which system you use.

We have done extensive work with Unleashed, DEAR, SAP and many bespoke systems. If you'd like to get set up with functionality to help automate Amazon Vendor, get in touch today! 



Synchronised stock levels with on hand amounts

Khoocommerce integrated Unleashed ERP

Unleashed ERP

Integrate KhooCommerce with Unleashed ERP to pull in stock levels and push back accepted orders for your internal purposes.

Unleashed operates over an API call protocol, and with your API Key and ID we can integrate your systems very rapidly. 

If you work with Amazon Vendor and Unleashed ERP, getting set up with KhooCommerce could be as fast as 2 weeks! Get in touch to tell us a bit more about your situation. 

DEAR Systems

DEAR systems is one of the latest ERP integrations supported by KhooCommerce, and we can rapidly integrate to your internal systems if you use DEAR.

DEAR operates over an API, so with your accountID and API Key we can get your stock and orders set up rapidly. 

We can also mark the order as picked, packed, shipped and invoiced in DEAR which can save you a lot of time and paperwork! 

If you work with Amazon Vendor and DEAR Systems, KhooCommerce can integrate to you and get you setup quickly! Get in touch today! 

Dear Systems ERP integrated with KhooCommerce


Integrate KhooCommerce with SAP through iDocs or flat files. With extensive knowledge of iDoc format and integrating, get in touch if you use SAP and want to integrate to Amazon Vendor

SAP setups tend to be unique and operate in a specific way. Please do get in touch to discuss how we can work together to get you set up with Amazon Vendor.

Oracle Netsuite

Integrate KhooCommerce with Oracle Netsuite through API. If you use Netsuite, we can help you integrate Amazon Vendor Central into your sales and ordering process. 

Netsuite setups tend to be unique and operate in a specific way. You may have particular templates and requirements for your orders, and we can post information back to match your requirements. Please do get in touch to discuss how we can work together to get you set up with Amazon Vendor.

Get Connected to Amazon

We specialise in bespoke and tailored work, so if you have a unique ERP that you want to integrate with Amazon Vendor then please do tell us a bit more about your requirements.

KhooCommerce gives you tools to process Amazon POs and create pick lists rapidly, so integrating effectively to your ERP and WMS is an essential part of the process. 

Unlike other companies, we want to understand your precise requirements and partner with you to make your setup work better. There is no 'one-size-fits all' approach to Amazon Vendor. Perhaps you have unique pricing, or complicated requirements that need to be considered. Let us know more about what you require and we'd love to explore working together.


Any EDI Integration for Amazon Vendor Software Development