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"If you want to improve your processes and compliance with Amazon, it's an absolute no brainer... our processing time has more than halved, production has sped up, shipping now takes place at source and the visibility for our staff is incredible."
Mike Palmer, Pyramid International

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Save Hours Each Week on POs

Often teams print out orders and manually check what is in stock with the warehouse. This is slow and can lead to errors. With a smart EDI system you will be able to accept, reject and create pick lists for orders in minutes. 

Accelerated Warehouse Dispatch

Pick, Pack and Print Carton labels from the warehouse floor. Use Barcode scanners to tag items into boxes, or autopack shipments with logic setup of case packs. Combine POs together into one ASN per location.

Help Reduce Amazon Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be a real frustration for Vendors. EDI can't solve all the problems for you, but can help with:

Carton Information Compliance
Shortage Claims
PO on Time Accuracy

Implement License Plate Receive

License Plate Receive is one of the most helpful changes you can implement in reducing shortages. This greatly increases the speed that Amazon receive your packages and can reduce your shortage claim chargebacks. 

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  • Process Purchase Orders Rapidly
  • Pick Lists to Warehouse within minutes of starting the day 
  • Cloud-Based, Unlimited Users
  • Works with your current ERP
  • License Plate Receive Compliant, Make SSCC Labels

What The Industry Says About KhooCommerce

"Using KhooCommerce is second-to-none. Processing orders and making shipments used to take 20 minutes per order - now it’s 3 clicks! With a growing account that's been a real boost to our speed and allows us to sell more. There is always someone to talk to, and I can always pick up the phone for any problems we have.”

Robbie Christie, Gtechniq Ltd

KhooCommerce is a Cloud-Based Software platform that connects to your Amazon Vendor Account via EDI.

We build a full EDI integration, and give you a dashboard that gives you full visibility of order and dispatch process. It's quick to setup and easy to manage.

KhooCommerce is designed for the warehouse to use scanners to pack cartons in an accurate, efficient and intuitive way. Move away from intensive, manual processes that are reliant on paper and people to record packing detail.

Amazon Vendor PO Management

KhooCommerce makes managing POs straightforward and easy. Most companies save hours every week with bulk actions and automated workflows.

Simply log in, process that weeks' orders, and the pick lists are sent to the warehouse for packing. You can have pick notes arriving in the warehouse minutes after you have confirmed them.

Quickly see stock levels, price comparisons, due dates and delivery windows for POs that were raised this week or many weeks ago.

Integrate this data to your ERP or existing system through an API call or FTP integration to have a copy of the order data stored in your systems. 

Warehouse Management Packing System

KhooCommerce is designed to work for your warehouse team on a portable tablet. Amazon Vendor requires carton level information (CLI) for each package, and this is captured electronically and relayed via EDI. 

KhooCommerce can auto-pack Purchase Orders into cartons, or you can use barcode scanners to record packing as operators fill packages.

You don't need to install any software or go through a long setup process; KhooCommerce is ready to use and print labels straight away. The system can also print courier labels at the same time. 

If you use a 3PL partner, KhooCommerce can either send them a full manifest and label detail or be used by the 3PL partner specifically just on the shipping screen. To check if your 3PL is currently integrated with us, please send us a message.

Amazon Vendor EDI Integration Made Easy

KhooCommerce is a user friendly dashboard for managing Amazon Vendor POs, creating shipments and raising invoices. It connects to Amazon via EDI in the background, so all the actions you take in the platform are reflected in Amazon in near real-time. KhooCommerce helps companies that are just starting on their Amazon journey, or well established and handling hundreds of orders a week.

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Find out more about how EDI works

What does the KhooCommerce Amazon Vendor EDI Implementation do?

Amazon Vendor EDI Integration – EDI POs are pulled into the KhooCommerce system

Purchase Order Acknowledgement – Bulk Allocate how orders are accepted

Maintain Inventory Cross Channel – Gain an overview of stock across channels

Group Shipments by Amazon GLN – Reduce shipments through sending consolidated ASNs

Pack Compliantly – Implement License Plate Receive and Reduce Packing Chargebacks

Shipping Notices & Invoicing – Automatically send Amazon Shipping notices and Invoices