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Amazon Vendor Mixed Carton Shipments - SSCC Auto Pack

Christopher Khoo
24 March 2021 12:11

Creating carton labels for Amazon Vendor shipments can be a slow process. The process is entirely necessary to help reduce shortages, and there are a variety of options within Vendor Central, such as AMZNCC, GTIN or SSCC. All of these options require carton level detail, and it can be slow to assign each carton a specific quantity of items. KhooCommerce makes it easier for you to create SSCC shipment labels for Amazon Vendor without the back-and-forth with the warehouse teams and paper pick lists. 

Suppose the following order needs packing: 

Item Quantity on Order Box Sizes this SKU can be packed in Arrangement of Boxes
SKU_A  18  6  3* 6
SKU_B  54  6,48  1* 48, 1*6
SKU_C  102  6,48  2* 48, 1*6
SKU_D  17  none - loose  1 - loose with other items
SKU_E  204  200  1* 200, 4 remaining loose


This might be an example of the type of Purchase Order you receive from Amazon Vendor. However to input this information into Vendor Central requires line by line adjustment of each SKU and setting of the quantities in each - editing the amount for boxes 1-3 to be 6, box 4 to be 48, and box 5 to be 6, and so on. This is often communicated to your administration staff on a paper pick list that the warehouse has filled out and awaiting labels. 

This manual process can slow down your warehouse and increase your vendor lead time (VLT). Saving an extra half day in the dispatch process can make a huge difference to your productivity and throughput of orders.

Configure your box sizes and Quick Pack

Within KhooCommerce you can configure your SKU-Box Size mapping and automatically generate the required number of packable boxes quickly. For the above order, you would see the option to quickly create each carton type and in the correct quantity to each SKU. This can really speed up the process and output a series of Amazon Vendor SSCC License Plate Receive compliant labels. 

Typically orders that are processed at the shipment stage are much larger than the example above - a Purchase Order might contain 50+ distinct lines each with their own packing arrangements, and perhaps you receive 25+ orders per day of that size. The multiple touch points per order can represent a big time cost on your operations, and KhooCommerce is here to help make your packing speed faster and easier. 

All of this information is available on a tablet form, meaning that your warehouse can fill this information out on the go and print the labels directly from the bench in the warehouse. This means that Admin seldom get involved with the label creation and the warehouse are not waiting for information to be returned to them. 

If you are creating mixed SKU cartons to Amazon Vendor and looking for ways to speed up and streamline your shipments, get in touch and we can show you a demo if how it works! 

Amazon Vendor EDI made easy

If you've heard of EDI, or have a limited use of it at the moment (for example you receive POs but still have to confirm manually), then get in touch to discuss how we make EDI easy for you. We do all the hard work interfacing the EDI to Amazon and connect to your systems via their native formats, so even if your system can't "do" EDI then you can with KhooCommerce! 

EDI carries a number of benefits but they are all centred around time-saving, accuracy and scalability. Typically we find EDI Integrations save up to 20 hours of manual work per week, which could be costing you several £1000s per year, not to mention any delays in the supply chain that are caused as a result. 

Amazon Vendor is a great sales channel and presents an opportunity to sell your product on a large scale, and EDI can be used to streamline your order processing, shipment creation and manage your operations more efficiently. If you want to learn about Amazon Vendor EDI please get in touch and we will be able to talk through your options and what might work best for you.