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New Feature: Barcode Scanning

Christopher Khoo
10 November 2020 12:52

Creating packing manifests can be slow and involve warehouse staff writing on pick lists how the order was packed. We have now introduced a barcode scanning module to allow you to scan directly from the product into the box you are packing, making the ASN and cancel notes in one clean step! As usual, this integrates directly with our iPad packing system we already use for mobile pick and pack processes.


  • iPad/Tablet, ideally 9.7inch Screen or larger 
  • Bluetooth enabled scanner, needs to be 2D-enabled if you use QR codes. 


1) Pair your scanner to your iPad or other device. Check the input from the scanner works by loading up Notes, and scanning an EAN code. 

2) Load up your create shipment screen in KhooCommerce and select the location you are shipping to.

3) Scan an item barcode. This will filter the pick lists by this item and tell you how many there are to pack for that order. 

4) If necessary, amend the quantity (the default is the entire amount). Add the items to a carton - either a "New Package" or an existing package.

5) Scan the next item to filter again by this new EAN, or clear the filters by pressing the red cross symbol.

6) If an item cannot be found it will return an error "No Items found with this barcode"

7) Continue with the remainder of the items until the entire list is packed. 

8) Select Courier, shipping date and hit "Submit and Send ASN" . This will submit the shipment detail to Amazon as well as cancelling any items you were unable to pick.