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3 Critical Reports for Amazon Vendor

Christopher Khoo
25 August 2020 17:29

If you love graphs and data as much as we do, you'll really appreciate these reports for Amazon Vendor to help you monitor and improve your sales. 

Cancelled Items Report

Suppose Amazon Vendor order 150 of a product, but you can only fulfil 120 and have to cancel 30. The next week you do the same, and the same again the week after. You will have a record of 360 units sold in the last three weeks - but where is the record of the 90 that were missed? Many businesses lose thousands in sales each week for out of stock or end of line items that they didn't know they could have sold. 

Given the time it takes to process orders from Amazon, most businesses don't keep a record of this. A typical PO may be 50 lines long, and perhaps you receive 20 or 30 of them twice a week. That's around 3000 lines of product to manually handle and import into your ERP! With the various pressures of the warehouse and other tasks to do, it's unlikely you would double the workload and record the missing sales on a line whenever an order is cancelled. 

KhooCommerce is much more than an EDI system - it knows what stock you have available, what Amazon Vendor have ordered, and what you cancelled. This means that we can record both the sales and the cancellations of each item and compile it all into a convenient report. 

We have a quick and easy-to-access report that allows you to see the total units and total value that was cancelled to Amazon for a given time period. You can export this to excel for manipulation or discussions with purchasing as to what they should be buying more of! 

True Order Acceptable Value

Suppose Amazon order £1500 worth of products, but you actually only have £600 worth of stock available to send? Without going through each order line by line, you'd have to manually calculate the "true" value of the order slowly. 

KhooCommerce is a smart order processing system, so when an order is received from Amazon Vendor, the system knows which items are in and out of stock. From this it calculates the "true" order value. 

For many businesses during Covid-19, this was useful to help you see the actual order value of Amazon at a glance. On Monday morning you can make a quick, informed decision about what the actual order value is rather than looking at the gross figure. 

For example, on a Monday morning you might be tempted by a total figure of £50'000 order value. But if you only have £12'000 in stock, you don't want to discover that by 2pm in the afternoon when you have asked warehouse staff to come in and work on the orders! 

This report is available on a country level and helps you see what the true order value for a country is. 

Top Sellers and Trends

This won't break the ground with many people, but having a clear country breakdown of item sales can be harder to generate than some businesses would like to admit. Amazon Vendor can order a vast quantity of goods, and when you have a large catalogue of several hundred, thousand or even tens-of-thousands of SKUs, keeping track of sales can be tricky. 

KhooCommerce knows every sale that goes through your Vendor account, so tracking item sales by time window becomes much more intuitive. Perhaps you change a listing, or run a new campaign on some of your products. You would want to see the results of that on a granular level - which SKUs increased or decreased in sales? 

Naturally with Amazon Vendor you should be looking at the 4-8 week time window to see the impact of changes, and there are many reasons that a product may experience increases or decreases in sales volume. But having the information at your fingertips so you can report to your wider business unit will put you in control of Amazon flow. 

Sales might be up by 15%, but which SKUs are driving that growth? Which SKUs are down from where they were last year, last quarter? These are the kind of trend questions you want to be able to answer. Perhaps you've launched Amazon France, and want to know how the sales of a certain SKU compare vs the UK. 

Go Beyond Reporting

Would you want to be able to get these kind of insights into your business with Amazon Vendor? If you use KhooCommerce you will have clear transparency over where you can improve, where you are growing and make quick, informed, data-driven decisions

KhooCommerce is designed to make Amazon Vendor an easy channel to use. This means that processing orders can be performed in a matter of minutes, and creating shipments is intuitive and minimises the touch points between administration and warehouse. 

Depending on your requirements, KhooCommerce could be a matter of weeks to setup and train your staff on. If you want to get detailed insights and reports into Amazon Vendor sales, as well as see operational improvements across the warehouse, get in touch by emailing us.