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Web Retailer: How to Integrate with Amazon Vendor Using EDI

15 August 2019 10:48

Katherine Khoo recently shared with Web Retailer about how you can integrate with Amazon Vendor using EDI.

Within the article she shares Amazon Vendor does not have an API, so retailers who want to integrate with the system have to get to grips with the obscure world of EDI. 

In this post she explore what EDI means, how it works for Vendors, and what it looks like technically.

You can read the fully post here and it would be great to get your thoughts and comments.

Can we help? 

If you're an Amazon Vendor looking for an EDI solution, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who would be happy to support you in finding an EDI solution. No two Amazon Vendor businesses are the same so we'll take a tailored approach to solving your Vendor order processing.