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How does the KhooCommerce Amazon Vendor Integration work if you have an existing ERP?

10 June 2019 09:13

We are often asked how to take advantage of the KhooCommerce EDI Vendor integration if your business has an existing ERP system. 

For some businesses KhooCommerce can be their full ERP as it provides all the sales, stock, purchasing and accounting integrations for you to run your business. However we know that decision about your chosen ERP will not have been taken lightly, and you may not want to replace your ERP. 

The good news is that you can still use the KhooCommerce EDI connection with your existing ERP system, we just find that for some businesses this does not give them the full value of the system functionality.

How does a KhooCommerce Amazon Vendor EDI implementation work with an existing ERP system?

Typically if you have an existing ERP your software systems could look like this: 

However with KhooCommerce we'll work with your existing ERP to implement the following structure: 

The end result is that KhooCommerce becomes the tool that handles all your Amazon Vendor order processing, stock and invoicing and then feeds your ERP with updates to stock and invoices (if required). This can help businesses better manage their Amazon wholesale sales, streamlining this process without interfering with their existing systems. 

The key connections with your ERP are:

  • A stock feed, to add new stock items into KhooCommerce (via FTP, API or other import) 
  • A stock update feed, to update the stock for all items from other channel sales (again via FTP, API or other import) 
  • An invoice link, should you wish for these to be accounted for alongside your other sales. 

What questions do we ask when implementing KhooCommerce with an existing ERP?

We tend to cover where you'd like certain functionality to be performed, as this will be a decision between KhooCommerce and your existing system. During consultation, your implementation team will cover the following: 

  • Where would you like invoices from Amazon Vendor to be accounted for? KhooCommerce could be used as a 'blackbox' for all your Amazon Vendor accounting or it could report back into your existing ERP system. 
  • Where is your master stock list held? Usually this is within an ERP system however, where multiple software systems are used, this is worth clarifying as it could be your warehouse management software that manages this instead. 
  • What connection would suit your stock best? If you have fast moving stock items, we would recommend a live integration with your ERP system (via API) or frequent FTP transfers. Throughout the scoping phase the team shall establish which link is best for your business. 
  • What volumes are you putting through Amazon Vendor? This will help determine the value in the connection, as we only recommend software is implemented where there is value to justify this. 

Can we help?

If you have any further questions about how KhooCommerce could provide an Amazon Vendor EDI integration for you, with your existing ERP system, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.