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KhooCommerce adds to the ability to track the location of an SKU within your warehouse(s)

24 May 2018 10:01

Through working with our clients, we have now added the ability to upload, store and amend the location of an SKU within your various warehouses (or stock locations). This means that when you search for an SKU on the platform, you can see the exact Aisle , Bay, Shelf or Bin of your SKU. 

KhooCommerce already gives you to the sophisticated control over your large inventory by managing stock across multiple warehouses. Not only does this give you an instant picture of where your stock is, it allows for quicker warehouse picking and packing as the SKU location is included on the Goods Out Note.

Now, when Amazon place a large Purchase Order, you can view the stock levels by warehouse and then, within the warehouse you can locate the exact SKU. This additional level of control saves you further time and adds to your efficiency.

For more information about how this feature works, or to see a demo of the platform, do not hesitate to get in touch with the KhooCommerce team