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Why would you consider using an ERP system for your multi-channel sales

16 May 2018 09:42

KhooCommerce spoke to Online Seller UK about the benefits of an ERP system in this podcast on 'Why would you consider using an ERP system for your multi-channel sales'

They discussed the following:

Why would you consider using an ERP system for your multi-channel sales and my questions are below: 

1) What is an ERP system?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. They tend to refer to pieces of software which help you manage multiple areas of your business such as order processing, customer management, contact management, supplier communications and inventory control. 

2) Who are they particularly helpful for?

Well, they are particularly useful (I would almost say essential) for anyone running a growing business where you are having to manage your stock, customers. We find that manufacturers, brand owners, resellers - particularly those selling on multiple channels - all find these invaluable for managing the many moving part which they control. 

3) Why did you end up developing an ERP system? (being that you’re one of the UK’s only systems!) 

Good question! KhooCommerce is developed by iPages Limited, one of the uK’s leading software development firms - and you’re right that there aren’t many UK based ERP options. Our ERP system, KhooCommerce, was developed after years of working with SME’s and building eCommerce websites on our other platform iPages. We found that clients, as they grew, were continually asking for more and more functionality to run their operations. So, we developed KhooCommerce to service multi-channel eCommerce sellers. 

4) How do they practically help multi-channel sellers?

Well, the value in an ERP system lies in being able to draw together lots of data from different parts of your business - and we aim to do this especially well for multi-channel retailers as their challenge is somewhat harder. You have to manage stock across multiple channels, from multiple locations, sourced from a variety of suppliers and shipping to any number of locations - it’s a highly complex problem. However, it’s been very rewarding seeing how KhooCommerce is impacting businesses and helping them becoming more efficient. It allows you to know your stock levels; in your warehouse, on order with your suppliers and on sale across your channels - and to track your business growth across these too.  

5) What about Amazon Vendors? Is there an ERP platform for them? 

KhooCommerce is the UK’s only ERP platform which integrates with Amazon Vendor via EDI. By providing this integration, we are able to support vendors through streamlining their Amazon PO processing, and help eliminate the time-heavy burden of manual processing orders.  Not to mention all the fines which arise from manual processing. 

You can listen to the podcast here.