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The Amazon Vendor EDI Compliant Order Management Integration

21 April 2017 09:07

Amazon Vendor Central EDI Compliance

KhooCommerce uses an EDI integration with Amazon Vendor to process orders and submit delivery information. Details of the available EDI files are below and the diagram pictures the process. This is managed as part of the KhooCommerce Order Management system and can be considered as one of your 'channels' within your business. 

KhooCommerce process Amazon Vendor orders on a single channel, with one customer, Amazon. Orders are stock controlled and either processed or back ordered , according to your stock levels and routing request details are then processed. When setting up your integration, we shall work closely with your chosen fulfilment partner to align with their processes. 

After signing up as a KhooCommerce client, KhooCommerce will use your Amazon Vendor Central (AVC) username and password to access the testing portal. When in production, KhooCommerce uses an AS2 connection to pull orders from Amazon and push them into the KhooCommerce ERP. Likewise all returning documents to Amazon are sent over AS2. All of the document transmissions happen behind the scenes and setting up the integration requires testing and communication through AVC’s portal. All testing with Amazon will be carried out by KhooCommerce on your organization’s behalf. Amazon require you to run manually for a short period, alongside the integration, to ensure that this is working correctly. 

Available EDI documents: 

  • EDI 850 –  new Purchase Orders
  • EDI 855 – Suppliers review the Purchase Order and send back Purchase Order acknowledgement.Both delivery confirmation and back order are included in the EDI 855 message.
  • EDI 727 – Suppliers will send a routing request to EDI 727.The routing request will have the order being shipped and quantity.
  • EDI 737 – Amazon will send the routing confirmation back with assigned carrier.Amazon will also include Amazon Reference Number (ARN)  in this message.
  • EDI 856 – Suppliers will ship the material and send EDI 856 to Amazon. This EDI 856 will include Order number, Items being shipped, Quantity shipped, Carrier name, Tracking number, Expected Delivery Date.This message should have the Amazon Reference Number sent by Amazon earlier. Otherwise Amazon will reject the Advance Shipment Notice (ASN)
  • EDI 810 – Suppliers will send EDI 810 for the Invoices.This message should have reference to Order, quantity invoiced.