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The KhooCommerce software enables multi-channel, B2B, B2C and Amazon Vendor retailers to streamline their e-commerce and Amazon Vendor order management.

By automating your Amazon Vendor order fulfilment process, KhooCommerce saves time for both Sales teams and your Operations or Dispatch teams.

Controlling orders and stock when selling through multiple channels or directly to Amazon Vendor can be challenging.

Amazon Vendor EDI

On Site Consultancy & Implementation

The KhooCommerce software enables multi-channel, B2B, B2C and Amazon Vendor retailers to streamline their e-commerce and Amazon Vendor order management, delivering an estimated month-on-month ROI of over 200%*

*based on an estimate of 64 hours time saved per month processing Amazon orders, managing stock and aligning accounts, assuming a blended rate of £15/hour.

What problem does KhooCommerce fix for Amazon Vendors?

Servicing Vendor without an EDI solution can be time-costly, highly manual and incur chargebacks through avoidable issues.

KhooCommerce saves time across Sales/Operations, Dispatch, through reducing chargebacks and implementing LPR


illustration showing time saving processing Amazon Vendor orders

1. Unlock Productivity within your Sales & Operations Team

Managing sales through the Amazon Vendor portal tends to be a highly manual task, usually consuming 15-20hrs/week, or almost half an FTE’s time.

2. Reduce your Amazon Vendor chargebacks 

  • PO Related Issues – Confirming POs in a timely manner etc.
  • Receive Related Issues – Any compliance inbound issues when a shipment arrives at an Amazon FC. i.e. incorrect labelling
  • Prep Related Issues – i.e. not using correct bags for items
  • ASN Related Issues – When an ASN is not sent correctly from Vendor Central
  • Transportation Related Issues– Vendors failing to set up routing requests for transporting packages
illustration showing sales reports and customer insights for Amazon Vendor

illustration showing omni-channel or multi-channel stock control

3. Control your stock across your omni-channel presence

The integrated KhooCommerce platform ensures you are always in control of your stock levels across your various online presences. Amazon Vendor orders automatically asses your stock levels and are processed accordingly.

4. Expand beyond Amazon Vendor

To be selling on Amazon Vendor, your product is highly popular and clearly a good value proposition for Amazon Vendor. To build your business in the long term, you can build up a customer base, outside of Amazon Vendor using your own online presence.

illustration showing expansion beyond Amazon Vendor

illustration showing software improving efficiency of business processes

5. Improve your business efficiency

Ultimately software improves the efficiency of your business processes and gives you time back to get on with running your business (or spending on the things most important to you!).

What is EDI?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): a form of data exchange between a client and a server. In the case of Amazon Vendor, this refers to EDI messages sent around the purchase orders processing and invoices. There are 6 main EDI messages, 4 of which we tend to implement.

EDI is enabled through a connection between a client and a server, which is provided by AS2 (Applicability Standard 2), ensuring the transfer of EDI messages in a secure, efficient way. In Amazon's own words, this tie is "designed to take the normal business to business processes and accelerate and automate them to help reduce costs and improve efficiency as our companies interact.”

What does the KhooCommerce Amazon Vendor EDI Implementation do?

Receive Orders Automatically – New orders are pulled into the KhooCommerce system

Control the Orders You Accept – Choose which orders are accepted or rejected

Maintain Inventory Cross Channel – Gain an overview of stock across channels

Group Shipments by Amazon GLN – Reduce shipments through sending consolidated ASNs

Pack Compliantly – Implement License Plate Receive and Reduce Packing Chargebacks

Shipping Notices & Invoicing – Automatically send Amazon Shipping notices and Invoices