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KhooCommerce enables you to streamline your Amazon Vendor order processes through implementing an integrated EDI solution that works with your existing processes and software and helps reduce your time processing orders whilst helping to reduce chargebacks and implement the Amazon Vendor License Plate Receive criteria.

Unlock Sales Productivity

Manual processes can take 15-20+ hours each week for Sales or Operations teams

Unlock productivity within your sales team

Reduce Manual Dispatch Effort

Dispatch, Shipment & Labelling can be onerous and take 10+ hours each week

Reduce manual effort from your warehouse team

Help Reduce Amazon Chargebacks

EDI can help reduce chargebacks for:

Missing ASNs
Incorrect Labels
PO acceptance deadlines

Implement License Plate Receive

EDI also enables you to implement LPR:

Create labels with SSCC on the barcode
Help Amazon receive Goods quickly
Reduce labelling effort from dispatch

How Does KhooCommerce Work?

Processing your Amazon purchase orders and managing dispatching and labelling when selling through Amazon Vendor can be time-consuming without an EDI solution.

Many Amazon Vendors struggle to find an EDI solution that works within their current business software and processes. With all the technicalities of the vendor EDI integration, it can be challenging to find an EDI partner who will guide you through the process of becoming EDI compliant.

Here at KhooCommerce we understand that every business is different and we also understand the technicalities of the Amazon Vendor platform. Through meeting with your team, our EDI consultants will seek to understand your existing software and processes and make recommendations on how to not only best implement EDI, but also how to streamline your Amazon Vendor order processing.

We provide cloud-based Amazon EDI software enabling your business to be fully integrated with Vendor Central through our automated platform built specifically for Amazon Vendor Central users.

KhooCommerce enables you to automatically import Amazon purchases orders, align with your inventory, confirm order acceptance, create automated picking notes and advance shipment notices and transmit these back to Amazon Vendor.

What The Industry Says About KhooCommerce

"KhooCommerce will make an enormous difference in terms of being efficient. You may have 20 hours of work for a full time employee per week processing Amazon orders and stock, and you can reduce that using this software and have your employees doing something else…"

Jérôme de Guigné, Founder and Managing Director of e-Comas.

What makes our EDI implementations different?

The KhooCommerce software not only enables you to implement EDI but it also includes a number of time-saving features that will speed up your order processing including signing your stock with your warehouse, sorting orders by their destination GLN and automatically creating shipments with your provider. 

Amazon Vendor EDI Integration

The EDI messages the KhooCommerce software will enable are as follows:

  • Purchase Order (EDI851: Incoming Purchase Order)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment (EDI855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement) 
  • Invoice (EDI810: Invoice)
  • Advance Shipping Notice (EDI856: Advance Shipment Notice)

On Site Consultancy & Implementation

Our team of consultants will come and meet with you to understand your existing processes and software and advise on how to best implement EDI for your Amazon Vendor business. Within this consultative process, we shall also advise on how to streamline your Vendor Central operations to help reduce repetitive manual actions and human error. 

What is EDI for Amazon Vendor?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): a form of data exchange between a client and a server. In the case of Amazon Vendor, this refers to EDI messages sent around the purchase orders processing and invoices. There are 6 main EDI messages, 4 of which we tend to implement.

EDI is enabled through a connection between a client and a server, which is provided by AS2 (Applicability Standard 2), ensuring the transfer of EDI messages in a secure, efficient way. In Amazon's own words, this tie is "designed to take the normal business to business processes and accelerate and automate them to help reduce costs and improve efficiency as our companies interact.”

What does the KhooCommerce Amazon Vendor EDI Implementation do?

Receive Orders Automatically – New orders are pulled into the KhooCommerce system

Control the Orders You Accept – Choose which orders are accepted or rejected

Maintain Inventory Cross Channel – Gain an overview of stock across channels

Group Shipments by Amazon GLN – Reduce shipments through sending consolidated ASNs

Pack Compliantly – Implement License Plate Receive and Reduce Packing Chargebacks

Shipping Notices & Invoicing – Automatically send Amazon Shipping notices and Invoices