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Amazon Vendor Bill of Lading Documentation

KhooCommerce News
19 March 2024 10:21

Shipments to Amazon Vendor require a Bill of Lading (BOL) document to be sent in the shipment detail. But - generating this detail can be quite a headache for Vendors when creating the shipment manifest. 

As a refresher, here are the requirements for BOL documents from the Amazon shipping manual. There are two vendor manuals - for North America and for EU.

For North American vendors, full detail in document under Help->Shipping->Vendor Manual (link here) section 4.1 

For European vendors, full detail in document "5_Pan_EU_Vendor_Manual_Shipment_Prep_and_Transportation_EN" 

North American Vendor Manual: 
A Bill of Lading (BOL) is required for all FTL and LTL shipments. A BOL serves three purposes:

  1. It acts as a receipt for the goods given to the carrier for shipment.
  2. It defines the contracted agreement for the carrier to transport the goods from the point of origin to the destination.
  3. It provides evidence of title (ownership) of the goods, under certain conditions, such as if the ownership of the goods is challenged


Pan EU Vendor manual:

The following information is required on all BOL’s. Information must be printed, NOT handwritten:

- Ship From: Your Company’s Name and postal address

- Ship To: Amazon FC node with postal address

- ALL Amazon Purchase Orders and invoice numbers (if you have invoice number at the time of shipping) contained in the shipment

- Unique shipment or delivery reference (ASN for non-EDI enabled vendors)

- Amazon Reference Number(s) for Collect shipments only. See section 5.1 for more information on Collect.

- Carrier’s reference number PRO # (if available)

- Handling unit quantity (pallet, carton, each) information. All 3 units of measure are required (not just pallet).


These documents can help with the proof of delivery, as well as providing a carrier signature for the shipment. 

If you are generating these documents by hand - we are here to help. We can help you produce a BOL automatically when the ASN is made in KhooCommerce, meaning its just one click for your teams to print the required documentation for shipment.

If you're struggling with a slow BOL process or would like a quicker way of making the Bill of Lading document with all the required information - please send us a message!