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Quick and Easy EDI setup for Pet Food Brand

Christopher Khoo
14 March 2023 11:00

For a Pet Food Company based in the UK, creating and processing labels for Amazon Vendor was a time-consuming and manual process. Needing to retain a competitive edge and meet Amazon's strict requirements the company was looking to find a more efficient solution for managing their Vendor processing.

Amazon Vendor Integration

One of the key challenges that Amazon Vendors face is physically processing Amazon Vendor orders. The pet food company struggled with this, and found adjusting each label individually time consuming and labour intensive. The potential for mistakes was high and at times the company incurred chargebacks.

Amazon Vendor Integration is a process that allows businesses to automate their order processing and fulfilment, enabling them to quickly and easily generate labels, invoices, and other essential documents. With KhooCommerce's Amazon Vendor Integration solution, the pet food company was able to seamlessly integrate its order processing system with Amazon Vendor, and completely automate its entire labelling operation. This eliminated the need for manual adjustments, which saved valuable time and resources.

EDI Integration and Setup

To enable Amazon Vendor Integration and Automation, KhooCommerce helped the pet food company set up EDI integration. EDI integration is a process that allows businesses to exchange electronic documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, with their trading partners, including Amazon Vendor. With the assistance of KhooCommerce's team of experts, we were able to establish their EDI integration quickly and efficiently, encountering minimal obstacles along the way.

Inventory Management

Working as an Amazon Vendor requires the pet company to manage their inventory levels carefully to ensure that they have enough stock to meet Amazon's demand. Inventory levels must be kept up to date so that stock allocation teams know what they can and cannot fulfil and can inform Amazon accordingly. With KhooCommerce's inventory management features it is quick and easy to upload a stock file, or have an automated import from an alternative system such as Netsuite, SAP, Unleashed ERP, DEAR Systems (Cin7), Linnworks or other. 

Manager's Feedback

The manager of the pet food company was thrilled with KhooCommerce's Amazon Vendor Integration and Automation solution, saying that he was surprised at how simple and easy it had been to set up. He was pleased with how the solution had streamlined the entire labelling process, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.


Amazon Vendor Integration and Automation can revolutionise the way businesses create and process labels for Amazon Vendor. For this UK Pet Food Company, KhooCommerce's Amazon Vendor Integration and Automation solution proved to be a game-changer, streamlining their labelling process and saving valuable time and resources. With KhooCommerce's help, the company was able to set up EDI integration quickly and efficiently, enabling them to automate their entire labelling process, and grow their business.