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GS1 USA Business Forum

29 November 2022 12:31

KhooCommerce recently spoke with GS1 USA in a webinar focussed around small business supply chain changes since the pandemic. Most of the participants responded that supply chain issues had increased dramatically since the pandemic, as well as delays in sourcing materials such as glass or other raw materials used in manufacturing. 

Chris Khoo, sales director of KhooCommerce, shared how implementing GS1-Complaint SSCC codes for Amazon Vendor shipments has improved compliance, receive speed and efficiency with 1P vendors. 

KhooCommerce is a partner of GS1 UK, and we help to get Amazon Vendors fully compliant with License Plate Receive standards. If you're struggling with inbound problems, chargebacks, shortages or spend a lot of time and paperwork making ASNs, we'd love to talk with you. 

Are you an Amazon Vendor struggling with order management, chargebacks or shortages?

We'd love to speak with you.