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Amazon Vendor in 2022 - Interview with Martin Heubel

Christopher Khoo
14 February 2022 15:33

I got to speak with Martin Heubel from Consulterce, and discussed different aspects of working with Amazon Vendor in 2022. We covered a range of topics, and I really enjoyed getting into discussion about different strategies and approaches business can take when interacting with Amazon. We focus mainly on Amazon Vendor, but some of these points also apply to Amazon Sellers, too. 

The full link is here and timestamps are below:

0:00 Introduction and Overview

4:30 Company Mindset to work with Amazon

18:20 Is AVS worth it?

25:12 1P vs 3P

31:20 Internal Management of Amazon

42:55 Automation in 2022

49:45 Negotiations with Amazon 1P

58:11 1 piece of advice we’d give to any company working with Amazon Vendor in 2022


If you'd like to contact Martin, head to Consulterce. If you'd like to reach out to us, fill in the contact form below or send us a message on our contact page.