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New Feature - Scan to Box!

KhooCommerce News
21 June 2021 16:07

We're pleased to announce we have updated the barcode scanning function of KhooCommerce to allow you to scan items directly into Cartons. 

Creating ASNs for Amazon Vendor requires Vendors to capture detailed carton level information (CLI) of which item went into which box. This is mandatory to become compliant with License Plate Receive through he use of SSCCs. This latest update allows vendors to pack items directly into cartons with a scan gun and the pick list loaded on the screen. This leads to increased efficiencies and decreased handling time in the pack process. 

For existing customers, you can read the detailed guide on getting setup here: KhooCommerce Scan to Box Guide

If you aren't currently a KhooCommerce customer but want to explore how this could work for you, please ask for a quick demonstration and we can demo how this process makes ASN creation much easier, faster and more accurate than paper methods. 



KhooCommerce is designed to help make Amazon Vendor quick and easy to manage. From rapid processing of POs to barcode scanner-powered pick-and-pack, KhooCommerce is the definitive solution to helping Amazon Vendors scale up without increasing their operational costs. We work with vendors that sell anything from £10'000 to £100'000'000 a year, so no matter where you are in your journey with Amazon Vendor we are here to help!

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