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Webinar - License Plate Receive vs GTIN Receive - Which is right for me?

Christopher Khoo
02 June 2021 00:00

GS1 recently ran a webinar discussing the options for Amazon Vendor to send shipments. Chris Khoo, one of the Directors for KhooCommerce, talked about how SSCCs can help Amazon Vendors save time and money in making shipments. 

Amazon Vendor has 4 main shipping options; AMZNCC, SSCC, GTIN Receive or no carton labelling option at all. 

To enable efficient receive you must use any of the first three options, but there are benefits to using SSCCs over AMZNCCs, namely that it can reduce the touch points and handling time. To implement an SSCC- enabled system you must find a system that can do these 4 things: 

  1. Generate SSCC codes
  2.  Assign items to cartons with SSCC codes for the box
  3. Send the packing information to Amazon via EDI 
  4. Print the relevant labels 

There is a full webinar of the session here and you can download slides here; the section on SSCC begins at 20 minutes. 

GTIN Receive is great for FMCG vendors who have pre-labelled cartons and want to ship immediately ship items without the need to re-label cartons. However you must apply the ASN label as normal to each carton, or pallet for pallet shipments. 

You can find a full link to the GS1 webinar where GTIN Receive is discussed here.

 If you would like to know more about how KhooCommerce can help you implement SSCC and save time handling shipments and printing labels, please get in touch and ask for a demo