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KhooCommerce Approved as GS1 Partner for SSCC, EDI, GTIN

Christopher Khoo
27 April 2021 14:52

We are pleased to announce that KhooCommerce is now verified as a GS1 Partner! 

KhooCommerce implements a number of GS1 Standards, such as: 

  • SSCC, Serialised Shipment Container Code
  • GTIN, Global Trade Idenitfication Number 
  • EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, EDIFACT protocol. 

A full profile of KhooCommerce on GS1 details our key usage of GS1 standards. 

You can see the GS1 Certificate for KhooCommerce or follow the QR code below: 

GS1 Logo Image


As a business you will have a GS1 company number, which is typically 7-10 digits long (eg 5012345). To use EDI, a ship from location is usually used as a GLN (Global Location Number), too. For example 5012345000001. Your product barcodes will be similar, such as 5012345000002 and so on. Amazon send EDI messages to our servers with these identifiers, so the orders arrive a bit like this: 

Amazon Vendor Central (5450534000000), raise an order (2ABCDEFG), the Buyer is Amazon Vendor UK (5450534000024), Deliver to Coventry BHX4 (5450534006842), Invoice Amazon EU Sarl (5450534007139), order items are 5012345000002, quantity X, Price Y ... and so on. Every Amazon Fulfilment centre has a unique shipping location number and we map that to a conventional address for your shipping and systems integrations. 

This usage of GS1 Standards is throughout our transmissions to Amazon Vendor and we recommend you ensure compliance in your Amazon Catalogue to check the barcode setup in your item catalogue is accurate. 

Chris from KhooCommerce recently wrote an article in collaboration with GS1 discussing the various shipping options you have for Amazon Vendor.

Amazon Vendor EDI 

KhooCommerce is one of the UK's leading systems for Amazon Vendor EDI, helping you process orders rapidly, make ASNs and generate invoices. If you are scaling your growth on Amazon Vendor and want an EDI solution, get in touch today or send us an email to see how we can help.