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Amazon Vendor PO Management

Purchase Orders from Amazon Vendor need to managed carefully. Most typically, you will need to action them within 24-48 hours of them being raised. Then you may need to allocate stock in an internal system to process the order and create pick lists. When the order is shipped, any adjustments need to be made in Vendor Central. 

It is important to perform a number of checks when processing orders. Pricing, current & future stock levels, minimum order quantities, pack sizes and delivery dates all factor into how you process orders. If you use a 3PL or your own warehouse, or dispatch from multiple sites, this is another layer of complexity to your order process. It's also important to make any adjustments to the order within specified timeframes to avoid charges, such as Purchase order on time accuracy or ASN Accuracy charges. We work with you to solve these issues and help you scale Amazon Efficiently. 

EDI Integration software laptop

Process POs with Ease

Easy to use dashboard with clear sorting and filtering options.

Sort by PO Due Date, Destination, by SKU and more.

Auto-accept future orders and adjust them later.

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Advanced Shipment Creation

Pick and Pack orders from Tablets and Barcode Scanners.

Capture carton packing and print labels immediately.

Integrate with DPD, UPS for Courier labels in one portal.

laptop showing Amazon shipping

Integrate your ERP

API Calls or SFTP integration to your ERP system.

No need for your ERP to be EDI-enabled.

Automatically synchronise your stock and orders.

illustration showing inbound orders

Intuitive PO Management Features

Future orders are accepted in VC automatically, and you adjust them later in line with the available stock.

A clear dashboard to see which orders are pending processing, shipping, invoiced.

Bulk allocation of Orders and Stock

Synchronise your inventory and batch process hundreds of orders in just a few minutes.

Take the strain out of Monday morning and quickly push all the necessary information to the warehouse easily.

illustration showing bulk allocation of orders
illustration showing clear dashboard

Barcode Scan, Pick & Pack

Portable Pick and Pack with scanner system works on any WiFi Tablet. All cloud based, so no need to install any software.

Improve accuracy, speed and efficiency with paperless picking.

Print Amazon and Courier carton labels immediately in the warehouse.

Fully synchronised with Warehouse and ERP

Personalised Integration process to push and pull the relevant information at each stage.

Automatically notify warehouse of new Picks requests with email and zone triggers.

Works with any ERP, no matter how old or new!

Illustration showing full integration with warehouse operations
Boxes with Amazon PO being scanned

Clear Audit Trail for Accuracy

Store all your historic shipment data down to the carton level forever.

All the data at your disposal to negotiate shortages, shipping errors or courier disputes.