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Amazon Vendor Seal Numbers, ASN Compliance Requirement

KhooCommerce News
18 June 2024 09:26

Seal Numbers were introduced as a requirement for Full Truck Load (FTL) shipments in Q2 2023, but are now being more and more enforced. 

The requirements to meet are:

1. Ensure that the trailer's door has an ISO 17712 compliant seal applied before the shipment leaves your facility.

-  These are typically cable seals that are crimped together around the doors of the truck to prevent it being opened during transit, or otherwise providing evidence the shipment has been tampered with. 

2. Print or note the seal number on the bill of lading.

An example BOL document below produced by KhooCommerce lists the Seal Number here. 

3. Include the seal number on the advance shipment notification sent through EDI 856 or Vendor Central.

- This number should be included in the REF*SN segment, for example REF*SN*80722133~

Collect drivers may refuse collection of FTL shipments that do not meet these requirements.

Amazon Adds:

"For less than truckload (LTL) and small parcel shipments, it is Collect carriers who are responsible for compliance with our seal policy. These carriers also receive seal compliance performance reports and coaching."

Note that if shipment arrives at an Amazon fulfilment centre with a broken seal or an incorrect seal number compared to the information on the bill of lading or advance shipment notification, this will trigger an internal investigation within Amazon. 

Chris Khoo, Director at KhooCommerce, says:

"Adding and maintaining Seal numbers to your ASNs is now more important than ever. There are many requirements for ASNs that have ramped up in the last twelve months, with more requirements coming in July 1st 2024 regarding pallet labelling. These additional requirements are asking more and more detail from Vendors that will likely be associated with chargebacks for non-compliance. The Seal number is an easy win and important to make sure that FTL shipment are secured from your facility to Amazon's and prevent / monitor theft, which can be a source of loss and shortages when shipping to Amazon. We've added functionality for our users to help them capture and record the seal number, which is also displayed on the shipment in addition to the required PRO and ARN and ASN numbers. If a Vendor needs any help with this technical requirement, as well as the upcoming pallet label changes, please do reach out to us."

Below, a screenshot of the shipment overview portal showing the Seal Number for a shipment.