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KhooCommerce Shipping - Up to 3X Faster than Previous Methods!

21 June 2022 10:47

Slow Warehouse Processes ?

If you're finding Amazon Vendor a slow process to manage, then you're not alone. Many of the conversations we have centre on Amazon being slow to dispatch, with many manual steps to record, enter and then print the packing information for each carton. It can involve large stacks of paper that go from warehouse to admin and back to warehouse, and all this adds up to large inefficiencies. 

You might even have a WMS for eCommerce, or just good-old pen and paper, but it can still be slow to manage shipments. Often a warehouse user will have a paper picking ticket, then record the carton packing by writing "1,2,3 ... " on each line as appropriate, then pass that back to admin. Admin then has to type this into Amazon and retrieve the SSCC labels, and pass them back to the warehouse. All this can leave boxes orphaned, with no labels, and the potential for inaccuracy and mistakes is always there. Sound familiar? 

Before Khoo, we'd have stacks of paper getting emailed from the warehouse to admin, and the labels coming back as PDFs. It was slow and no-one liked it!
- Tom, Business Development Consultant

The Switch - 3 Times quicker! 

Elevation Marketplace Services recently switched from their old paper based system to our tablet and scanner powered setup. For some context, Monday to Wednesday the packers dispatched 25 Purchase orders using pen and paper. Then on Thursday they switched to using KhooCommerce's scan & pack function, and packed 23 orders on Thursday alone! The best bit? It was quick to implement, low hardware overhead, and already included in KhooCommerce as a core module.

We knew we had problems with our warehouse process, and using KhooCommerce's scanning module has made a huge impact to our warehouse. We're now able to process orders quickly, the staff love it, and the switch was quick to setup. I don't see us going back to our previous processes after this week!
- Ryan, Warehouse Manager

Reporting and Insights! 

Who doesn't like graphs and reports? With our new reporting and insights module, you can now monitor pack speeds, problem items, and anticipate chargebacks before they arise. 

 We can analyse long term trends, as well as react to pressing stock problems and proactively manage POs in the right order. Prioritisation is key when it comes to running a big operation so it's been a big boost to our handling process. 
- Will, Warehouse Manager


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