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Time Saving Amazon Vendor Software


Elevation Marketplace Services support a number of Amazon Vendor Clients across the UK and Europe. Their services include fulfilment, branding, marketing and account support. 

Elevation process orders and shipments for a number of companies, and approached KhooCommerce to help streamline their order journey from allocation to pick and pack. Below are some answers from Andy, 

What problems were you having with Vendor Central?

Vendor is a great sales channel but a bit of a pain to process orders for. Amazon has unique requirements in terms of shipping and order process which we couldn't really find a solution to. 

How much time was Amazon Vendor taking up?

It's tricky to put a number on it as it varies week by week and of course we have a Q4 peak. But typically we'd spend about 10 hours per account processing orders per week, and then loads of time making ASNs and filling out shipment information. 

It was easily a full time job for a person or two in total - maybe 70-80 hours a week in work. 

"Amazon is one of our leading growth channels but the admin time was getting to the point of just hiring more and more staff. It was not sustainable!" 


Fast Order Processing with Amazon


Since using KhooCommerce, what have been the biggest changes?

We've easily saved about 70 hours a week in processing time, the nature of our business involves lots of SKUs and high volume for relatively low value product, so anything to reduce handling time really has a big impact on profitability. 

The guys in the warehouse now pack and scan items into packages which is great for not only accuracy but speed. We are often packing 20, 30, 50 different SKUs into a shipment so being able to scan at source and print the labels straight away is a big help. 

What growth has happened since starting?

Obviously the Covid Lockdown has had an impact on sales - some products up and some down. For us we were fortunate the Amazon Vendor had a big growth and we've seen our sales increase about 40% last year. Managing these orders would have been more workload and there is no concern we have in terms of handling future growth with KhooCommerce in place. The team find it easy to use and it's easy to add new Vendor codes on. 


"We've easily saved 70 hours a week processing orders, and are now easily packing 50 SKUs into one shipment with barcode scanners."

"KhooCommerce feels like a product designed to specifically solve Amazon Vendor requirements. I've talked to many EDI companies and they were too techy - these guys just got it and out the box the system did everything we needed it to and more."

Andy, Elevation Marketplace Services


Why KhooCommerce?

I talked to lots of EDI companies, and I'm quite tech-savvy, but KhooCommerce didn't feel like a "techy product". It felt like it was designed to be used by people in the real world to solve a real problem, and the team there clearly understood Amazon Vendor and had designed the system accordingly. Overall it just hit the sweet spot in terms of being flexible and out-the-box ready to use.

What do the team think?

When we started I was involved with the process, nowadays I let the team get on with it and they have no issues. Khoo are usually adding new features and improvements so it's great to see these new developments and changing our process to improve our efficiency in the future. 

Value for money?

100% worth it for us. The POs we see are many lines long and often for the future - being able to easily manage them from one dashboard and shipment screen is so intuitive and quick. It's easily saved more than 2 full time staff - and let's just say I'm paying less than that for the system! 

"Unlike other EDIs, KhooCommerce didn't feel like a "tech product". The interface is clean, easy to use and was clearly designed to solve Amazon Vendor "

Chris from the Khoocommerce team

"Using Khoo in the warehouse is pretty straightforward. We've changed our processes and got tablets and scanners setup to help pack orders, we've improved our accuracy and speed of picking and packing."

Lee, Warehouse Manager, Elevation