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What does an Amazon Vendor EDI integration mean?

27 July 2016 18:37

When looking to use the Amazon Vendor Central platform in conjunction with other software, you'll need to integrate with the platform. Amazon Vendor uses an interface called EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which allows you to extract particular data from Amazon Vendor. 

To understand how this link works, it's worth first understanding the way in which Amazon Vendor EDI works and then how this works practically with your linked software.

Amazon Vendor Integration Overview

Using AS2 as a preferred data transfer method, it is possible to automate your processes with Amazon Vendor through building an EDI tie with Amazon Vendor and your chosen software. 

KhooCommerce links with Amazon Vendor through the setup of EDI between Amazon Vendor and the KhooCommerce order management software. In Amazon's own words, this tie is "designed to take the normal business to business processes and accelerate and automate them to help reduce costs and improve efficiency as our companies interact."

The EDI documents the KhooCommerce software is able to send/receive are as follows:

  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • Invoice
  • Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)

Implementing a link between Order Management software and Amazon Vendor

Once an EDI link has been established to Order Management software, it is possible to manage both your Customer orders (from your website) and your Amazon Vendor orders (from Amazon themselves!) 

Using the KhooCommerce software, you can manage your stock and orders through the cloud-based website order management system. This removes all the manual effort involved with order processing such as communicating with a logistics partner, updating stock levels, processing orders and managing invoice creation/payments.