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Ready for multi-channel online growth?

Time-saving e-commerce inventory & order management ERP software

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B2B & B2C Sales
(Website Sales)

Omnichannel Sales
such as Ebay & Amazon

Sell your products through multiple channels and extend your market reach.

Controlling orders and stock when selling through multiple channels or directly to Amazon can be challenging.

The KhooCommerce software enables multi-channel, B2B, B2C and Amazon Vendor retailers to streamline their e-commerce processes and benefit from an ROI of up to 500%*.

*based on an estimate of 72 hours time saved per month on order management, design and accounting at a blended rate of £25/hour.

What are the benefits of selling through your own website presence and Amazon vendor?

1. Save time processing your Amazon vendor orders

Processing Amazon vendor orders can be a lengthy process and using software will reduce the time taken to manage these orders - so you can get on with running your business!

2. Control your stock across your omni-channel presence

The integrated KhooCommerce platform ensures you are always in control of your stock levels across your various online presences. Amazon vendor orders automatically asses your stock levels and are processed accordingly.

3. Diversify and market your product range

With extensive Sales reports and customer insights, you are able to to get creative about marketing your product range, outside of Amazon.

4. Expand beyond Amazon

To be selling on Amazon vendor, your product is highly popular and clearly a good value proposition for Amazon. To build your business in the long term, you can build up a customer base, outside of Amazon using your own online presence.

5. Improve your business efficiency

Ultimately software improves the efficiency of your business processes and gives you time back to get on with running your business (or spending on the things most important to you!).

Download EV Cables Story

Read how EV Cables use KhooCommerce software to process their orders from consumers, wholesalers, and Amazon Vendor, and enable them to sell in multiple currencies.